Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L
Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L

Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L



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✓ Rotating and heat generating compost bin
✓ Breaks down all food scraps including meat, fish, shellfish, compostable coffee cups and lids ...even pet droppings
✓ 400L capacity
✓ Suitable for use by 20-32 people
✓ Processes 50-80 litres of waste per week
✓ 1 Year Warranty
✓ Contact for more information

Joraform 'Restauranteur' Rotating Composter - 400L

Commercial capacity aerating compost tumbler

  • The 'Restauranteur' is a Swedish designed and built 'continuous use' rotating compost bin. The Restaranteur Composter (JK400) has the capacity to accomodate for restaurants, cafes, supermarkets, schools or small community garden projects and is easily used, rotated and maintained. The smart dual chamber system allows you to use and make compost concurrently.
  • The Joraform JK400 Composter utilises the two fundamental principles of good composting - both insulation and areation. This creates the optimum environment for decomposition, something that a standard composter just can't do.
    The Joraform Restauranteur JK400 Composter has a 400L capacity and is recommended for processing between 10 litres of waste per day, with a weekly capacity of 50-80L.

Dual Composting Compartments

One side is filled while the other decomposes...

  • The JK400 has two seperate composting chambers or compartments, designed to be able to work in a continuous cycle so you can constantly be adding to the composter and decomposing at the same time with no waiting time in between batches. This gives the best results when composting too as the compost is able to mature properly. We recommend doing so in 6 week cycles between the compartments for best results!

The Perfect Composting Environment - Aeration & Insulation


  • Joraform Composters Internal Illustration
  • The Joraform Restauranteur Composter works on a single, central rotating axis. The contents inside the composter are easily mixed, without the need to use a shovel to turn the contents. The Restauranteur Composter also has a large truning wheel so rotation is super easy.
    Two air vents are located at either end of the unit so that as the composter is spun, air is drawn into the composter which adds vital oxygen into the mixture which is essential for microbial activity.


  • The internal chambers of the Joraform Big Pig Composter are completely insulated internally by a high-density polyethylene (HDPE). HDPE is UV stabilised and resistant to both extreme hot and cold temperatures. This insulation allows temperatures to rise to around 65 °C, which produces optimum conditions for micro organisms to thrive. The enables the processing time to be reduced, with compost being fully decomposed and ready to use in as little as 2 weeks!
    Normal issues with composting don't occur with the Joraform Composters as the process is so efficient there is no time for rot or become rancid.
    This insulation also ensures there is no problems with pests or rodents as the unit is completely sealed and protected.

Heavy Duty Commercial Quality Construction

Designed for use in most commercial environments

  • Joraform Composter Construction
  • Panels: made from powder-coated galvanized steel panels and come with a 2 year warranty.
    Insulated: insulated by 2.16” polyethylene - a stable, non-hazardous plastic.
    Bolts, screws and latches: made from rust-proof stainless steel.

Includeded High/Wheelbarrow Stand

Easy access & use

  • You will recieve an included galvanized steel High Stand, which means the composter sits 59cm high off the ground - the perfect height for a wheelbarrow to fit easily underneath for easy emptying.
    You can also rotate the composter at the perfect height so as to not injure your neck or back.

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Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L

Restauranteur Rotating Composter - 400L

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